Crafting Bespoke Kitchens and wardrobes in the UK

Discover Our Kitchen Designs

Informed by more than 25 years of experience, our kitchen designs and interiors are sure to catch your eye. Based in East Tilbury, Essex, our company offers many attractive designs available in a variety of colours and styles.

Handleless Kitchens:

The Handleless Kitchens that we produce boast a seamless frame with elegant high-tech and minimalist appearances.

Our True Handle-less kitchens contain a channel system, where cabinet doors and drawers have an aluminium channel routed into the cabinet, for the fingers to be placed behind the top edge of the drawer and pull the door forwards and outwards.

Options of Handle-less designs with push open mechanism are also available, such designs contain electro-servo driven, handle-less electric motion support system. Incredibly easy to use, with a single soft touch and close, the lift systems and pull-outs open by themselves.

The combination of finishes in this range is limitless from high-gloss or matt to steel, stone and wood, available in various colours to choose from..

Modern Kitchens:

The Modern Kitchens we offer make use of bright, vibrant colours, and contrasting surfaces from glossy black or glass to hand painted matt and wood finishes. Bold, exaggerated handles accentuate the style. Alternatively, we offer semi-handle-free options. Limitless combination of colours with any level of sheen and various handles are available to choose from.

Traditional Kitchens:

Traditional Kitchen cabinet doors boast a plain Shaker-style appearance. The cabinet doors possess a simple frame-and-panel construction free from decorative or curved mouldings. More complicated options include cabinet doors that are adorned with decorative or curved mouldings and charming, antique-looking handles. All available in matt, gloss, wood finishes in various colours to choose from.

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